Penentuan Parameter Kinetika Proses Biodegradasi Anaerob Limbah Cair Pabrik Kelapa Sawit

Adrianto Ahmad
Laboratorium Rekayasa Bioproses, Jurusan Teknik Kimia, FT, Universitas Riau, Pekanbaru 28293
Diterima 24-10-2002 Disetujui 01-07-2003

Kinetic study of anaerobic biodegradable process of liquid waste from oil palm factory was carried out. Kinetic
parameters are important consideration in bioreactor design, especially maximum growth rate constant to determine residence time of minimum biomass. Residence time of minimum biomass is the most critical point of
bioreactor operation in a process of industrial liquid waste. In this research, kinetic parameters of anaerobic
biodegradable liquid waste of oil palm factory have been defined. The kinetic parameters are constant of half
saturated (KS), maximum specific growth rate (μM), amount of biomass obtained (Y), constant of microorganism death rate (kd) and constant of maximum substrate utilization (k) i.e. 1,06 g/l, 0,187 day-1, 0,395 gVSS/gCOD, 0,027 dayi-1 dan 0,474 day-1. Data was validated by relative error between total separated COD with total useful COD to be biomass and biogass which is less than 10%. Subsequently, kinetic parameters could be used in design of anaerobic baffled bioreactor system for oil palm factory’s liquid waste process. Lihat Jurnal Lengkap